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The closing ceremony was just fine apart from the British bit which was simply atrocious!
   Why did we have some prehistoric rock guitarist and a talent show winner miming to some abysmal sound track? What has David Beckham got to do with the Olympics? Hardly portrays a young, vibrant and exciting vision of what the 2012 games might offer.
  If this is an example of how good London's Olympics is going to be, then perhaps Boris should ask the Chinese to keep the Olympic flame in Beijing.  

  The Beijing to London handover shows how ill equipped we are to deal with an event of this scale.
  Compared to spectacular displays by the Chinese, our offering is a pathetic embarrassment.
   The 2012 Party belongs on Blue Peter and was on par with an end of term school show: Scouting for Girls destroying London’s Calling; Morrisons’ theme tune by Last Choir Standing and The Feeling playing with no feeling at all.
  Is this all Britain has to offer?  
  Helen, Liverpool
  2012年的开幕式应该是以Blue Peter 为主吧,而闭幕式会以中学毕业晚会的形式来搞:调戏女孩子的声音毁坏伦敦的通讯;合唱团唱Morrisons的诗歌腔调;唯一的感觉就是没有感觉。

  I see censorship and control by the state-owned media continues.
   Where is the report on the BBC website of the celebrations in the Olympic borough of Waltham Forest being canceled because of yet another knife murder, this time yards away from where the choir was supposed to sing to the cheering happy crowds in Walthamstow, who instead were replaced by the police investigating a crime scene.
  You couldn’t make it up. You really are a Ministry of Truth.    
  humble scholar, London, United Kingdom
  BBC上关于Waltham Forest区庆祝奥运的评论都到哪里去了?因为另外一个持刀杀人犯就被河蟹鸟??那里的合唱团这段时间都应该在庆祝Walthamstow狂欢的人群吧?那可是被警察调查出来的犯罪情景啊。

  The Chinese showed their rich heritage and history in a dignified and beautiful performance.
  Us? We showed just what a farce 2012 will be.
   Our country's heritage (prior to the last government!) is one to be proud of. We have customs and a richer history than many others. So why are we showing a logo from the 70's (I'm a designer, it's shocking!) and a display of ageing rock, one-hit wonders, chavs and only modern London?
  I'm proud to be English, but in 2012? I may be moving...  
  Angela, Chesterfield

   Lets hope the UK can match the chinese games with same character and skill! Well its all up to Boris now and his management capabillities!! We know our athletes are capable!! Mind you he has on hell of a job to beat!!  
  [newtried], maidenhead, United Kingdom

   Why couldn't the BBC TV commentators just shut up when there is music on the screen? They did the same stupid thing at the opening and once again today. The TV is there for us to WATCH and when the music is on why give commentary? Also so much about history and the meaning of this and the meaning of that and the symbolism of this and that. For Heavans sake WHY did they not just shut up and let us listen to the music, to the drums and all that was happening. This was a disastrous coverage.  
  Hercules, London

   606: "A beautifully organised Games all around, then Boris appears, jacket undone, looking like a drunk who gatecrashed the party, what an embarrassment."
   AND HERE'S BECKS! AND A WOMAN IN A RUNNING OUTFIT PLAYING A VIOLIN! Becks boots a ball into the crowd... just the one, and it doesn't quite make the crowd... a couple of officials have a bit of a scrabble over it... and that's that, London's eight minutes are up... what to make of that?

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